ZTE Begins Testing 5G Technology In India

Chinese manufacturer ZTE has headed to India to test its new 5G network, with hopes to implement the technology before 2020.


Whilst some parts of the world are yet to get their hands on 4G mobile data speeds, smartphone manufacturer ZTE has begun pushing forward with plans to make 5G a reality, through trial testing in India. The Chinese telecom manufacturer has teamed up with some of the biggest mobile network providers in India, including well-known names like Vodafone and Reliance Jio, along with Bharti Airtel – in order to thoroughly test its 5G network before it can be rolled out to consumers. The Indian government hopes that rollout will be achievable by 2020.

ZTE’s decision to focus on India for testing its 5G network isn’t all that surprising when you consider the size of the mobile market in the country. Fan Xiaobing, ZTE’s president of global solutions has previously spoken about how important the India market is for the Chinese company, because of its size and potential for growth. ZTE now hopes to continue its investments in the country’s infrastructure in order to make 5G technology a reality both in the country and ultimately, around the world.

India is becoming an incredibly lucrative market for smartphone manufacturers, with ZTE, alongside the presence of big names like Nokia and Ericsson creating for arguably the most competitive mobile marketplace in the world. That being said, ZTE also promises that its new 5G telecom products will be specifically customized to the local needs of customers, with the company hoping that it will also be able to eventually roll out its 5G technology to even the most remote parts of India – where 5G will be easily adapted to the needs of many local users.

ZTE has been able to quickly begin testing its 5G communications in India largely as a result of the country’s acceptance to adopt the new technology. The Indian government hopes to start bringing 5G to customers in early in 2020 and will begin auctioning off the new network spectrum to competing carriers. With that in mind, ZTE has been keen to hit the ground running by beginning co-operation with many of the country’s biggest networks to prepare for the shift to 5G.


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